Social commentator, A-Plus is urging Ghanaians to encourage businessman, Freedom Jacob Caesar also known as Cheddar to bring more tigers into the country.

According to the former musician, this will help boost tourism in the country. He said the idea is good and must be encouraged.

“The idea to bring the animals here and groom them here is a good idea because we are talking about tourism, it is a very good idea just that the neighbors are not used to such things.”

“I will urge him to bring more into the country,” he added.

A-Plus made these comments on Saturday, May 21 on Accra-based UTV.

On the same show, Artist Manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson also known as BullGod also asked the government to prosecute Freedom Jacob Caesar but instead find him a play to do what he wants to do.

“He should not be prosecuted, they should find an appropriate place for him to continue what he is doing.”

Already, the businessman has said he brought the animals to help boost Ghana’s tourism.

According to him, he went through the right process in bringing the animals into the country.

“First of all, it is right; I have two tigers that I bought on a bid between Ghana and Dubai. I was the representative from the private sector that initiated my interest in purchasing these two animals. But we did go through the process; the animals are seven months old, still at the very young stage.”

“I went in to buy these animals to add the value of tourism in our country. I wanted to go into the Safari World by making sure that Ghana becomes the first country in West Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa, except for South Africa that have these animals.”


On Thursday, there were reports of some residents expressing concerns over the presence of the animals in the neighbourhood.

According to them, the presence of the animals makes them feel unsafe.

They also insisted attempts to get the owner or the management of the facility to evacuate the tigers proved futile.

Although these claims have been refuted by the owner, the Police subsequently charged the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission to remove the animals to an appropriate facility on Friday, May 20.

However, the Wildlife Division, upon visiting the estate and conducting preliminary investigations, the Division concluded that the two tigers are well protected. 

The Director of Operations at the Wildlife Division, Luri Kanton, in a media interview, those big cats pose no threat to the residents.

“We have made the visit to look at the tigers to look at their conditions, the cage they are put in, and then we want to assure the public that the tigers are well secured in this cage and our investigation also reveals that so far, their welfare too is being catered for.”

Mr. Kanton explained that the animals will be relocated after a new structure has been constructed for them. 

“The tigers are safe, healthy and well protected and relocation will be done after investigations and a new structure would’ve to be constructed at a new location before the relocation of the animals could be done”.