The Restoration Temple of the International Central Gospel Church, Osu, has officially launched its 15th Anniversary celebration, Sunday.

The launch heralds two weeks of what will be an exciting, power packed activities to underline God's abundant grace to  a church that started very small in the Osu vicinity in the year 2000.

The theme for the Crystal Anniversary celebration is "15 years of God's  perfect grace."

It was all praises and worship to God on the launch day as members, some of whom were present in the first anniversary, could not hide the joy of how far the Lord has brought them.

It was a resplendent spectacle as members donned their colorful anniversary polo shirts with jeans to match in a new look auditorium enhanced for the special occasion. 

And as melodic sounds of the Restoration Choir went up in praises to God, the congregants went down in a holy dance of worship.

It was a momentous occasion for the Head Pastor Ashford Tawiah Smith who was overcome with joy and humbled by the many milestones the church has been able to achieve thanks to the perfect grace of God.

Acknowledging the profound contribution of his predecessor Rev Kofi Okyere and other leaders, said in commemorative speech:

"In the first year of the church, the Lord was gracious to us by providing a comfortable meeting place – the Christian Council building for a start. As you may all know, it is not an easy achievement to get a place like that to start a church.

"During its 5th Anniversary, the church had grown in numbers and commitment and had begun to think critically of its future.

"By the 10th anniversary, the Lord had blessed this great family with a piece of land here in Osu, a prime area for the construction of an ultra-modern auditorium. That is where you are seated today."

He added that despite the many land litigations the church went through in its acquisition process the Lord proved faithful to the church.

Emphasising on God's grace Rev Smith said Moses, a Hebrew child, was destined to be killed; was cast into a river in a basket but Grace found him. He then became the liberator of his people from the shackles of Egyptian slavery and led them to the promise land.

Joseph was a prisoner but grace located him and within 24 hours his status changed from a prisoner into a prime minister. That is what Grace can do.

That same Grace has taken the leaders, church members, through 15 years of what used to be the Osu Community Chapel to what has become the Osu Restoration Temple of the ICGC, he pointed out.

The Church has outlined a number of activities including a  mega medical outreach programme for residents in the Osu Community to discuss with qualified health professionals some of the minor ailments plaguing them. The outreach programme will be on the 10th of October, 2015 at the church premises. There will also be a brass band procession, sporting activities, business exhibitions and bible quiz competition.

On Friday October 9, will be a special encounter with the General Overseer of the ICGC Pastor Mensa Otabil at the Restoration Temple.