The Institute of Economic Affair (IEA, Ghana) obtained a high ranking on the 2016 Think Tank Transparency report produced by Transparify.

Transparify, a non-profit initiative in Georgia, Caucasus, released its annual Think Tank Transparency report on 29th June 2016.

The report ranks think tanks on three categories: highly transparent, broadly transparent and highly opaque. The Institute of Economic Affairs is categorized as broadly transparent.

The report evaluates the transparency of think tanks based on their publication of the names of their donors and information on the amounts of money received from donors. 

The findings show that an unprecedented number of policy research and advocacy organizations have become more open about their sources of funding. It is the efforts of the IEA in this area that led to its present ranking.

According to the report, “transparency levels among African think tanks continue to improve at a rapid pace. Back in 2013, the best performer in [the] sample was a single 3-star institution.

Out of the 23 think tanks in the original cohort, seven are transparent. Only four organizations remain highly opaque”.

The Institute of Economic Affairs says it is proud of its performance on the report and looks forward to gaining a higher ranking next year.

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