The Inspector General of Police, Paul Tawiah Quaye, wants police operations in the country to be modified to meet modern standards.

He said the sophisticated radicalism and hooliganism that seem to be taking centre stage should be countered equally with well structured police operations.

“Policing is changing, the face of policing therefore has to change. The strategies have to change because society is changing and committing of crime is constantly changing.”

Mr Tawiah Quaye was addressing the Ashanti regional police command in Kumasi when he rushed to the region upon hearing the killing of a police constable.

A group of young men Sunday shot and killed Constable Frank William Blankson of the Kumasi police. This was after he shot and killed a motorbike rider in what eye-witnesses say was unprovoked attack at a popular drinking bar at Danyame. The IGP, has therefore, ordered immediate investigations into the murder.

In what he described as an “area of concern”, the IGP urged the service “to sit back and reflect on our operation methods and strategies”.

“Let us take a second look at the way we conduct our operations and see what we did right and what we did wrong and how to correct those that we did wrong…”

Touching on Constable Blankson’s incident, IGP Paul Quaye vowed to clamp down on the culprits for their “despicable” actions and called on all to condemn such acts.

“Those who did this detestable act would differently be brought to book.”

He also encouraged his men to bring all their expertise and professionalism to the fore on the case “to identify and apprehend” those behind the crime.

“We shall leave no stone unturned to bring these criminals to book.”

Mr Paul Quaye said: “We have to look at the way we deploy our men, we have to look at the way we resource our men, we have to look at the way we protect our men.”

Story by Isaac Essel/