Highgrade Family boss, Samini has sent a reminder of his enviable position in the music industry, to fellow artistes and the general public.

Samini reiterated that he remains the king of African dancehall music, thus cannot be disrespected because he doubles as the originator of the term.

The ‘My own’ singer made these claims during an interview with Abeiku Santana, explaining that upon his introduction to the music scene, artistes were already making dancehall music.

However, he chose to name his style, ‘African Dancehall’, a name that most likely informed the term ‘Afro Dancehall’, coined by his protégé Stonebwoy.

The ‘Linda’ hit-maker revealed that he started using the term over a decade ago, on his 2007 hit ‘African Lady’, and prior to that on Tic’s 2006 single ‘Kangaroo’.

Asked if he thought he is accorded the respect he deserves as a veteran in Reggae and Dancehall music, Samini stated emphatically, “I don’t think any dancehall or any reggae artiste in this country can show any iota of disrespect when I walk into the room.”

“It’s not possible. You can do it in lyrics and gimmicks and fun as dancehall, and you can poke and start little beefs here and there, but when you meet me [Mighty], you’ll cool down,” he added.

On the 24th December, 2021, two days after his 40th birthday, Samini treated patrons and fans to a night of awesome musical performance at the maiden edition of SaminiXperience Concert.

The event, powered by Joy Entertainment, was reported as a huge success and has sent strong signals as an annual event to be on the lookout for.

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