Rapper and entrepreneur D Black is urging his colleagues to invest in other ventures aside from music.

According to him, this would help them make more income without having to solely depend on the little money music is bringing into their pockets.

His comments come after rapper Edem and UK based artiste Reggie Zippy called for a campaign to fix the porous structures of the Ghana music industry’s royalty system.

Edem took to Twitter to state that it was important to expose how bad the system is especially during the coronavirus era where artistes are suffering.

“Every artiste in Ghana is hungry. Some might just not say it,” he wrote.

D Black stated that artistes who have made smart and significant investments are staying alive during this period of no shows.

Using himself as an example the Black Avenue Muzik owner said music has not been his only source of income for four years.

“It’s important for artists to use this situation as a reminder for the need to invest in your brand outside of art of music,” he added.