The Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Yaw Frimpong Addo, is urging individuals and key players in the private sector to return to their roots or places of origin and invest in agriculture.

According to him, this will boost public private partnerships in the sector, and thus grow the agric economy substantially.

Speaking to Joy Business on the sidelines of a donation to farmers at Ada Foah in the Greater Accra region the deputy Agric Minister said, “this is what we call PPP (Public Private Partnerships) to promote agriculture. Coming here has been a revealing experience. I have witnessed commitment that I think if taken seriously, Ghana could address shortages [food] that we experienced this year and make the country food sufficient.”

“I think it beholds on us to do more especially the private sector. So where ever you come from, go back and just give them a little support.”

Founder of Farm for Livelihood Association, Isaac Adjawutor said the donation will facilitate the activities of farmers in the communities. Farm for Livelihood Association is an NGO that supports women and people living with disability at Ada Foah in the Greater Accra region.

“Under the Farm for Livelihood Association, we have farm for school. With farm for school, we set up farms for children who do not have enough support from parents. These children work on the farms on weekends and vacations. We also have farm for persons living with disability where we support them with inputs,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the host of The Ghanaian Farmer, Enyonam Manye said she was motivated by seeing people living with disability engage in farming activities, hence donating to the farmers in the region.

According to her, The Ghanaian Farmer is not just a tv show but a social intervention.

“Nayo is a 45-year-old disabled farmer who has 30 years’ experience. Considering the fact that agriculture takes a lot of physical and emotional efforts, I was happy and motivated to see him farm hence our one year anniversary couldn’t have been celebrated at a better place than this community,” she said.

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