The General Manager of Operations at Hollard Insurance has advised tenants to insure their personal belongings in the houses.

Alexander Osei-Mensah said that even though tenants don’t own the property, it is prudent to insure it.

“So all the policies, whether it is designed to cover the building as a structure or the content for renters are designed in such a way that it covers any anticipated risk”.

“The only one that probably you don’t pay for are the obvious ones. Like; setting fire into the property or being reckless that you damage your own stuff.

“Otherwise, almost every foreseeable risk including malicious damage. Maybe people are doing their ‘tsooboi’ somewhere, they pass by your house, they scratch or they decide to smash your windows. Theft is covered. Everything is covered”.

Mr Osei-Mensah shared these gems on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Friday, ahead of the main fair of the JoyNews- Ecobank Habitat Fair slated for October 27 and 31 at the Accra International Conference Centre. Discussion on the show centred on the importance of house insurance.

This year’s main fair is themed; “Home Ownership: To build or to Buy”.

Educating fervent listeners on the show on house insurance, he said that persons in the country who insure their buildings as well as its content are better off than persons overseas.

“Thankfully for Ghana, we don’t have what elsewhere they may call fundamental risk. In some countries, you wouldn’t get flood cover. The UK is an example. If you go to a country like Japan, you don’t get cover for earthquakes.

“Because in those areas, it is assumed alarming proportions to the extent that an individual insurance company cannot carry that risk. If you go to countries like Mauritius, you may not get cover for tornados.

“But in Ghana, we are blessed enough. We don’t have any serious exposure that requires that insurance companies exclude them”.

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