The ‘Joy Business Van’ – an entrepreneurship-focused series by Joy Business got recognized in a special awards category of the 3rd Chamber Business Awards. 

The award, “was in recognition for the various contribution the program has had to improving the lot of young entrepreneurs across the country”.  

Receiving the award on behalf of the team, Acting General Manager of Joy Brands, Emma Morrison, said “the Joy Business Van has told hundreds of stories of young startups for a reason.

“We want people to understand that we are there to support them. We just want to encourage the young ones to think of starting their business as well.”

Lead presenter and face of the Joy Business Van, Daryl Kwawu, also charged young startups to invest more into the packaging and competitive pricing to attract investors and also get exposed to a globalized market.

Joy Business Van wins

The three-minute on-the-ground feature presented by JoyBusiness’ Daryl Kwawu is designed to give SMEs and startups visibility, highlight their issues, potential markets and support.

Since May 2016, the programme started showing a segment on TV and a brand-new bus was acquired  to give it more visibility and make it recognizable on the ground.

With over 40 companies and business leaders recognized, the ultimate personality awards went to Emmanuel Berketey Bortey of Charger Limited – he was the Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Chamber Business Woman of the year went to Janet Anane while the Chamber Businessman of the year went to Samuel Amo Tobin of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals.

The Theme for the 3rd Chamber Business Awards was “ Digitizing the Ghanaian economy for competitive edge and globalized markets”.