Mr. Justice L.L Mensah, a Sunyani High Court judge, on Tuesday urged the police to ensure that accused persons were properly escorted to court and to the prisons to prevent them from attempting to escape.

The judge was reacting to a report that four suspected armed robbers who allegedly attacked Zakosa Restaurant in Sunyani and killed the watchman were brought to the court by an unarmed policeman in a hired taxi.

“Accused persons have a lot of sympathizers around and must therefore be brought to the court properly and sent back to the prisons safely”, he said.

Kwabena Fasuame, unemployed, Kwame Gyamfi, farmer, Kwasi Dery, farmer, and Afuo Kusase, unemployed, made their first appearance before the court and pleaded not guilty to two counts of robbery and murder.

They were remanded into prison custody to reappear on December 04.

Prosecuting, Mr. Robert Beke, Brong Ahafo Principal State Attorney, told the court that on July 12 last year, the accused persons attacked the restaurant with a locally manufactured pistol and other offensive weapons.

He said the watchman tried to prevent them from stealing but they tied him up with a rope and killed him.

Mr. Beke said the deceased’s shouts for help attracted some people to the place and they alerted the police.

Before the police arrived the robbers had vanished with ¢5.5 million and some assorted drinks.

The police combed the area and arrested Fasuame in a nearby bush and upon interrogation he mentioned the three other accused persons as his accomplices.

Source: GNA


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