Hearts of Oak coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi believes there is more room for improvement after a week of pre-season training with the squad.

Yatsuhashi believes the team is far from the optimal level required but is confident the team will hit top shape before the season commences.

“Our boys are taking me seriously and they are making the effort,” he told Joy Sports

“Unfortunately this is not where I want to see yet but I have confidence with our players to reach where we need to be in a very short time.”

In addition to this, the Hearts coach has hinted there is no guarantee the team will win their targeted league and FA Cup next season.

However he believes hard work and the players’ ability to adapt to his strategies could land Hearts the double.

Our fans want to see our team to win the league and FA Cup and we will try our best to achieve that.

Whether we can win, whether which team will win is unwritten. It is in the future. We will try our best.

I know how to do it but it is up to our players to adapt and make it happen.

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