Executive committee member of the Ghana Football Association, Randy Abbey says Kintampo United was qualified to participate in the GFA’s division one league executive committee elections.

The chairman of the Division One League Board, Kwame Ntow Fiako last week Thursday criticised Kintampo United’s involvement in the elections as a bad precedent.

He explained that Kintampo United were not qualified to vote because they were not recognized as part of the association due to their non-participation in last season’s division one league. He said Kpando Cosmos FC and Wa Nimbo Stars who about five years ago withdrew from the league should have taken part in the elections since, like Kintampo United, congress had not expelled them and they automatically remained part of the Division One League.

But Randy Abbey said if Kintampo United were not expelled as members of the DOL board at congress after their non participation in the division one league last season, then their participation in the electoral process was valid.

In an interview on Asempa FM’s Sports morning show on Monday, he noted that, since the DOL board has not activated the process of Kintampo United’s loss of membership from the association, they still remain members and are eligible to vote.

Randy Abbey, Felix Amoah Ansong, Emmanuel Asamoah Owusu-Ansah, Moses Armah, Fred Crentsil and Emmanuel Kyeremeh won elections to take up the Premier League’s six slots on the Executive committee after 16 delegates cast their votes last Wednesday.

Fred Pappoe, George Kwasi Afriyie, Wilfred Kwaku Osei and Kweku Eyiah picked majority of the total votes to take up the Division One League’s four slots on the FA’s executive committee.

Benedict Dankwa Owusu /Asempa Sports


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