Wearing the right kind of bra is important to bring out the best of your silhouettes. It’s well worth the effort to find out and understand what kinds of bras are best suited for different bust shapes and sizes.

Your body shape and your bust size will normally decide what type of a bra will offer maximum support, comfort and the right shape to your breasts.

Bra styles for small breasts

With an endless and wide range of bra styles to choose from, the present day woman doesn’t really have much of a problem in making their flat chest look fuller and sexier.

There are padded versions to enhance the size and lend more shape to your breasts, and there are the cleavage-enhancing styles to add a touch of sensuousness.

The most versatile, in the present day bras, is the balconette which is seen as a higher version of the demi-cup. It’s a wonderful style that can really work magic on your figure, by creating the shapeliest buntline.

The style is so versatile that it goes well for almost all types of figures and all breast sizes. The midsection of this bra is somewhat different from the half cup, and this little twist in the design helps in creating better outlines and in providing better support.

Another bra style that’s worth a try, for nearly every small breasted woman, is the air bra which has inflatable bags placed ingeniously within the cup. And the overall effect is much more pleasing than the silicone pads.

There are also triangular bras which can enhance the shape of your small breasts, owing to the under wire and the specially designed chest straps.

Bra styles for bigger breasts

When you have bigger breasts, wearing the wrong kind of bra can lead to back and shoulder problems. And since, bigger breasts need more support; you must get the right kind of bra even if it costs a few extra dollars, to avoid harming your back and your shoulders.

For regular wear, look for a bra style which offers full coverage and has wide and comfortable straps to offer maximum support to your breasts. And on specific occasions when you’re looking for a more sexy style, the Balconette is simply wonderful.

As we mentioned earlier balconettes offer good support and a wonderful glimpse of your cleavage, so they make for the perfect style to be worn under deep plunging necklines.

Source: gracenglamour.com