Authorities at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have condemned recent spate of robbery attacks on the university’s campus.

University Relations Officer, Kingsley Owusu Tabi describes the attacks on students and staff as barbaric which should not be countenanced in any civilized society.

Five armed robbers shot one person and made away with unspecified amount of money in a siege at Continental Supermarket at Unity Hall of the university on Thursday night.

The attacks have forced authorities to entrust the military and police with campus security.

According to Mr. Tabi, the university’s council is much concerned with security of both students and staff on campus; hence the agreement reached with the security agencies.

“It is the animal kingdom where animals go and if they are stronger than you or they’ve got stronger weapon than you, they take it away from you. This is not the animal kingdom, this is a human habitation. We can’t have a situation where people think that willingly with impunity, come to campus and do whatever they want, go away, no! We are going to arrest the situation”.

Mr. Tabi said “happily or luckily, the incident did not adversely affect any student at all, no student got injured in the process,” he said, with a promise to give students extra protection. “KNUST is still a very safe campus”, he said.


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