KOFARB Ghana has introduced onto the Ghanaian market a range of paint products that can help conserve energy and reduce the cost of electricity.

According to the company, the paints could reduce the energy needs of industries and homes if applied properly in both the interior and exteriors of the building.

Speaking to JoyBusiness at the launch, Chief Executive of KOFARB Ghana Limited, Jacob Gbati said, “There is no paint in Ghana or West Africa as far as we are aware which has this thermal effect and this paint is going to help the common man by reducing your electricity bill and conserve energy.”

“We are not talking of only heat reduction, even the cases of cold, you will realize that it is applicable even in temperate regions where you can even conserve the het within the building so it is multifunctional,” he added.

The product ranges from KOFATERM White, KOFATERM Grey, KOFAKOR Anti-Rust and KOFABIO which all come with a six-year warranty.

While the KOFATERM White is thermal and acoustic insulation paint, KOFATERM Grey is a waterproof paint, whiles KOFAKOR Anti-Rust is a paint that provides active corrosion protection and KOFABIO; a bactericidal and fungicidal paint.

The Director of KOFARB Poland, Kamil Nowacui, in a presentation on the features of the paint products, said the paint has properties which make it ecologically-friendly.


Mr Gbati said the company has plans to establish a production plant in Ghana which to supply paints to the West African sub-region.

“That is actually the purpose of KOFARB Poland coming. It’s not only to serve KOFARB paint because we are also looking at the possibility of establishing in Ghana to serve the West African market and we have the franchise for the whole of West Africa,” he said.  

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive for Kpone Katamanso, Solomon Appiah, who launched the products, said the government was committed to creating an enabling business environment for businesses like that of KOFARB to thrive and contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.


KOFARB Poland is an international paints manufacturing and marketing company in operation for more than 20 years.

Its Ghana subsidiary currently has offices in Tema and Tamale and plans to open a new office in Accra before end of the January 2020.