A journalist with Angel FM who made some predictions on easing of Covid-19 restrictions has been questioned by the Ghana Police Service Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Kofi Adomah Nwanwani said he was called and questioned as to where he got his information, which was mostly accurate, from.

In his 10th address to the nation, the President eased Covid-19 restrictions by reopening churches, mosques as well as allowing final year students to resume school work.

He announced some guidelines which these sectors must abide by to contain the novel coronavirus.

Hours to his late-night address, the journalist had predicted which sectors will receive favour from the president regarding easing of the restrictions on his YouTube page.

But it seems this did not go down well with the police who wanted to understand where the journalist got his information from to have predicted somehow correctly.

“On Tuesday, I was called by the PRO, Madam Juliana Obeng. The information was in relation to a publication I made before the President’s address on Sunday.

“According to her, her superiors felt my prediction was too accurate so I needed to answer some questions. The time the call came was impossible for me to go so I pleaded that they allow me to come on Wednesday.

“So on Wednesday afternoon, I had to go with my General Manager to answer the questions. They asked me to explain how I came by that information.

“Generally, journalists will not tell their sources but they were projections so I didn’t find anything wrong with that. They just questioned me and allowed me to go,” he told Accra-based Citi FM on Wednesday.