In order to execute its core value of producing technocrats and manufacturers to solve problems in society, the Koforidua Polytechnic has initiated moves to assist government to solve the perennial gas shortage in the country.

According to the rector Professor Ing. Reynolds Okai, Koforidua Polytechnic envisions being the leading polytechnic in the country by offering high-quality; career–focused, skills based training need for national development.

Speaking at a press briefing in Koforidua, Prof. Reynolds Okai said the Energy System Engineer Department of Koforidua Poly has built a 10-metre cube biogas plant which produces biogas from cow dung and grasses and is currently been used by the school.

In addition to that the school has produced a 100 litre solar water heater using local materials and has also built a solar panel at Mampong Nkwanta in the Akuapem North District for public consumption.

Professor Reynolds Okai noted that the Energy System Engineering Department of the school will soon start producing biogas for sale in the eastern region.

According to him, this would help reduce the burden on government in the supply of gas and curb the rampant felling of tree for charcoal which has depleted our forest.

Professor Reynolds Okai further said Koforidua Polytechnic has successfully designed and constructed a fufu pounding machine which is powered by electricity. He said the machine reduces time constraints, the human energy in pounding and avoids contamination with saliva and sweat.

In order to help build the capacity of small scale artisan in the eastern region, Koforidua Polytechnic is introducing certificate programs like textile and fashion design for hairdressers, tailors among others to improve the lots of artisans in the region

Despite all the successes chucked by the polytechnic, inadequate funds for research, lack of accommodation for staff and students, salary disparities between polytechnic and university lecturers has been their major challenge for the year.


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