The health conditions of AIDS patients in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region are deteriorating following the shortage of the anti-retroviral drugs in the region.

For over five months now, the patients have been denied their lifeline because the drugs they have to take routinely have been locked up in Tema, Accra.

The patients say they are dying slowly and are calling on the authorities to provide them with the life saving drugs.

One of them who spoke on anonymity to Joy News said the situation is getting worse by the day.

He said because the drug is supplied on government subvention, it is difficult to buy it at pharmaceutical shops.

According to him, several visits to the Okomfo Anokye Hospital for the drug have proven futile, adding “what should we do, should we die?” He quizzed.

He said their investigations indicate the drugs have been locked-up in Tema.

The patient said the situation is getting out of hand and some of his colleagues are planning to embark on a life saving demonstration. Their only challenge is the increased stigmatization they will suffer after the demonstration, the patient added.

The Ashanti Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Aaron Asare confirmed the development but said plans are underway to transport the anti-retroviral drugs to Kumasi by next week.

He attributed the delays in transporting the drugs from Tema to Kumasi to bureaucratic and logistical challenges.

Dr Asare assured the drugs will be made available to patients next week.


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