Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu has built a school in Kumasi. The actor, who named the school, ‘Kweku Manu Educational Complex’ says his main reason for putting up the school is not for profit but to give back to society.

According to him, the school has been opened for a month and he has made provisions for school uniforms for the needy students and as well as slash the percentage of fees to be paid.

He claimed that, if other donors come in to support the needy students, he is willing to run the institution free of charge but for now, the highly reduced school fees for students will suffice.

“Although, I am already into lot of private businesses, this is the major thing I have set up and my main aim for investing in the school is the fact that, since most of us did not attain the level of education that we wanted to, we have now realized how important [education] is,” he explained.

The school, which is located in Kumasi at Atwima Brogoyedu (Santasi Road), is only for primary education (P1 – P6) but the actor claims that, he has lots of plots to extend the school to the secondary level.

“The only way some of us can also help the future generation is to build projects like a school for them, so we can be proud in future for helping the nation to discover more future leaders,” he said.

“As far as I am concerned most of my pals are doing a lot for the society but, not all of them want to publicize it, so that’s why it looks as if we in Kumasi are not doing much. I can mention someone like Akrobetu and others I know. They are setting up businesses and doing things for the society, so I will please advise that the media try and do more research on that,” he advised.