Ghanaian HR entity, Learning Organization and its South African counterpart, Dialogue, are organising a two-day Future-Fit Leadership programme on February 27 and 28 February 2020 at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana.

The Chief Executive Officer of Learning Organization, Isaac Sackey, explained that the collaboration with Dialogue is to support Directors, Executives and Managers to become more Resilient, Less Stressed and Capable to Lead Strategically through Disruption.

The Future-Fit Leadership Programme uses Eclectic Techniques curated from Management Sciences, Process Methodology, Design Thinking and Agile Practice, this will in turn push Participants out of their Comfort Zones into Honest Reflection.

Amanda Holt, Managing Director of Dialogue stated that her Team is delighted and poised to provide this Leadership Programme in Ghana, especially, a Collaboration with an equally Good Human Resources Entity, Learning Organisation. Amanda added that the Future-Fit Leadership Programme will allow participants to feel more capable of thinking Strategically, Building Adaptive Capacity and Planning for Multiple Outcomes. It will orientate the Participants towards dealing effectively with Change, accepting and embracing it.

The Future-Fit Programme will ensure that Participants are in tune with how to deal with Disruption Strategically; Recognize how to Leverage Change to create Motivation and Buy-in and Lead Confidently and Create Impact, despite Uncertainty.

The Programme gives Practical Skills that Facilitate a Culture for Creative Responses to emergent Change to:

  • Surf Disruption
  • Leverage Change
  • Lead with Impact

A Leading Agile Leadership Expert, Lesanne Brooke, with over 19 years of experience as a facilitator, Trainer and Coach will facilitate the Future-Fit Leadership Training Programme.


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