Former Deputy Minister of Transport, Daniel Titus-Glover, has joined calls for the passage of the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill currently before Parliament, describing the practice as morally repugnant.

He said the practice was alien to the African and Ghanaian culture and must be rejected vehemently with the bill’s swift passage.

Mr Titus-Glover, a former Member of Parliament for Tema East, said the practice was unacceptable.

He said aside from the fact that it was immoral and outrightly unacceptable, it was an illegal act, and any individual who claimed it was a human right must be condemned.

He commended Sam Nartey George, the MP for Ningo-Prampram, and other MPs for sponsoring the private member’s bill on the “Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Values Bill’ 2021, which seeks to, among other things, criminalize homosexuality in the country and their fierce defence of the “culture and values” of the Ghanaian.

“If I were in the Chamber, I would have led the crusade for the passage of the bill because we won’t accept any foreign culture imposition,” the former MP said.

He said aside from the dictates of the Bible, and the Quran against the practice, tradition and culture also frowned on such “unrighteous practices.”

Mr Titus-Glover stated that any advocacy to stop the passage of the bill must be met with an even stronger force to protect the country’s future.

He, however, noted that as much as such acts were condemnable, rejecting persons engaged in it was not the way to go, but rather society must extend love to them as they needed some psychological counselling to stay upright.

He said the media had a role in educating the public and the law enforcement agencies in ensuring that the dictates of the constitution concerning the illegal practice of homosexuality and its related activities were adhered to.

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