A financial modelling book authored by experienced financial analyst, Jules Nkansah, received rave reviews at a launch event held on Monday, April 2, 2018.

The book, Love to Excel, targets young professionals, university students entering the job market, and entrepreneurs.

Guest speaker at the launch event held at the La Villa Boutique in Accra, Frank Adu, MD of Cal Bank, said for people seeking employment, a skill in Microsoft Excel is no more an option, but a mandatory requirement.

“Not only is it relevant to secure you a job, but it is also critical in making you efficient, competitive and relevant on the job.

“The truth is that Microsoft Excel has become an integral part of most business organizations across the world. In my organisation, for example, there is no single department or business or unit where Microsoft Excel is not used: Treasury Management, Banking Operations, Human Resource Department, Risk Management, International Operations, Financial Control functions, just to mention a few,"

The book outlines the technical skills needed to be proficient in business analytics, specifically in Microsoft Excel.

Love to Excel unpacks the power of Microsoft Excel using a simple, practical and non-intimidating approach. The book introduces readers to Excel through one of its most practical uses – financial modelling – considered the art of rendering numbers in Excel to depict a real-life business or personal situation to enable decision-making and planning.

The author of the book said even for people with no prior knowledge about Excel, the book delivers on its mandate to help businesses improve their financial planning.

Jules Nkansah said: “The whole book is in a case study format, there are three major case studies. We start with a very simple case to an intermediate-level case to a bit more advanced. And for every case, it takes readers through a step-by-step process of how to crack the case.

“That step-by-step guide shows readers what instructions to use, shows them screenshots of how their models look like along the way so that as they follow the book it tells them whether they are on track or they are not on track.”

Jules Nkansah

About the author

Born and raised in Ghana, author Jules Nkansah has vast experience in Finance, Strategy and Marketing.

Jules holds an MBA from INSEAD in France, and a dual undergraduate degree; a Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College, Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management Systems (Operations Research), at Columbia University, New York. Over his 12-year career, Jules Nkansah has worked with top global institutions including Citigroup and Vodafone, in the United States and Ghana respectively.