Mr. T.T Ologo a former student of the Yilo Krobo Senior High School has encouraged students to “always love themselves no matter what people say about them.”

Mr Ologo, successful businessman who made this call to the entire students’ body in a gathering at the school auditorium after a PTA meeting ahead of the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) said, confidence is one of the most important factors needed to build self-esteem.

“In order to be confident, one must become very positive, always keep your head up high and love yourself no matter what people say about you,” he admonished.

Mr. Ologo stressed that, lack of self confidence will have adverse impact on the students academically, and affect their dreams, goals and expectations in the future.

“People with self-confidence display a more positive outlook on their life as well as the world around them. Building self-confidence can have many positive benefits including having realistic expectations, and being more independent in decision-making. People with great self-confidence also rely less on others for approval. Increasing overall self-confidence also helps to feel more in control of life in general. He challenged them through some manageable steps they could take to increase all-around self-confidence,” he said.

He advised them to improve their emotional resilience, insisting that “people with good self-confidence endure difficulties in their lives; however, they have emotional tools to help them cope. Practicing resilience means being able to balance your emotions and developing skills that will allow you to be flexible and positive, even in the face of difficulty. One way to increase your resilience is to pay attention to the types of things you say to yourself. Try to replace negative messages, such as “I’m a failure,” with positive ones, like, “I can succeed.” Tuning in to the times when you need to be more independent or when you need to rely on others can also help build reliance and self-confidence.”

Mr. Ologo further urged them to acknowledge the positive things they do and pat themselves on the back.

“It is also helpful to avoid comparing yourself with others. Although this is natural, it can result in feeling depressed and lowering self-esteem. Replace negative comparisons with positive, affirmative statements about yourself. Looking at themselves independently will help them focus on their own strengths and abilities.

“You won’t feel at your best if you don’t look your best. You will be amazed at just how much more self confidence you will have just looking your best. It just feels good when you are wearing your best clothes, are well groomed, and are surrounded by a clean environment.

So what if it is Saturday, you need to build up your self confidence today not next week. Hang out with positive and optimistic people who also have high self esteem and self confidence, but when you are around negative people, try to direct your positive and optimistic thoughts in their direction and don’t let them pull down your level of self confidence or self esteem, and Speak up in group conversations – you’d be surprised how many people are fearful to speak up,” he stated.

He told them to move on and not concentrate on their past errors insisting that the future should be their target, stressing, “you know better now and wouldn’t do those things again. So you are not that same person, therefore you have nothing to feel guilty about.”

Mr. T.T Ologo said the students should make it a point to always smile: “This seems very easy but most of us have forgotten about it – Smile. Just smile and things seem better somehow. The world will be more wonderful than ever. Go to the mirror and smile – make yourself. Not a grimace, but a proper smile.”