Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge in Limpopo is a very special kind of place offering all the ingredients for a serious soul retreat far from the madding crowds. Enjoy the therapies on offer, walk in the peaceful forests and let nature’s healing work its magic.

Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge is situated in Haenertsburg in the Magoebaskloof region, one of the most scenic parts of the Limpopo province and sometimes referred to simply as ‘The Garden of Eden’.

A modest but magical nature lodge, Kurisa Moya is just the place to go when you are feeling stressed or a bit out of sorts. The lodge is perched on the edge of the Drakensberg escarpment and offers up mesmerising views of the Lowveld and surrounding areas.

This Limpopo nature lodge is surrounded by a thick indigenous forest where ancient yellowoods and the incredible birdlife make their presence known, and there are gurgling streams, mini-waterfalls and fantastic forest walks on offer. When it comes to wildlife you may get to spot the rare Samango monkeys and crimson-wing Knysna turacos that call the forest home.

Your time really is your own at this exquisite nature lodge in Limpopo, and it’s a good idea to put a few healing treatments on your itinerary. Neck and back massages are available as is the rather specialised cranio-sacral therapy – a gentle touch energy-based treatment from head-to-toe. This treatment helps one to get rid of blockages (physical, emotional, spiritual) and is effective in restoring balance to the entire psyche. Crystal healing and monochord treatments are also on offer. For those who believe in meditating in another way, fly-fishing is the answer.

Not far from Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge is the Growth Centre, above Stanford Lake, where visitors can have intuitive card readings or enjoy a one-day meditation retreat.

The combination of the healing therapies and exposure to nature, and the relaxed atmosphere of Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge, make it the ideal getaway spot for those who are just a little tired of the rat race.


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