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Genesis 8: 21-22

And the Lord smelled a soothing aroma.

Then the Lord said in His heart, “I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake,

although the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth;

nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done.

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,

Winter and summer, day and night shall not cease.”

INVESTMENT has been defined loosely as the act of investing, or state of being invested…the placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use or appreciation.

To INVEST is to spend money, time, or energy on something (like prayer or insult or evil thought or curse or good advice or being there for another or fellowship), especially for some benefit or purpose; ….It’s also to put on like clothing….to envelop, wrap, and cover (like PRAYER)…to commit money or capital in the hope of financial gain….(like PRAYER or time spent for church service or fellowship meeting or prayer)…to ceremonially install someone in some office (like PRAYER REQUEST)…to formally give someone some power of authority (like a CURSE or a PRAYER or an INSULT)….to surround, accompany or attend (like time spent on prayer or curse)…or to lay siege for something (like prayer).

Indeed the whole concept of SEEDTIME and HARVEST is one and the same as principles of investment….and same as prayer or cursing someone…like when you SOW INSULTS or CURSES on someone you hate that badly….What do you get in return?…more insults and more curses as harvest from your seedtime…if you understand that.

Why on earth would you ever invest curses in someone’s life to reap same with interest?.. This is a principle ordained from eternity to eternity and it shall not cease.

Love your neighbour as yourself follows the same investment principle….same as ‘GIVE UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT TO BE GIVEN UNTO YOU….but with interest because it’s an investment.

If you look after someone’s child…keep him or her from harm’s way…in effect, this is not to do any favours to anyone as this is an investment that will accrue interest for you to increase your bank balances in both real and spiritual worlds. One’s balances are valid and legal tender through eternity…That’s why covenants are valid over thousands of years and that’s why descendants always have the benefits of a good name left by a dead parent because it’s legal tender and also the reason why you will hear…’’BUT FOR YOUR FATHER’S SAKE’’….where SAKE is….cause, interest or account…reason…as the benefit or regard of someone or something to the point that it’s a guarantee.

The saying “A good name is better than riches” is to the effect that the name has monetary value or consideration…redeemable on request…even thousands of years after the death of the name-bearer and that’s how much reputation, character, integrity and goodwill that have been invested in the quality of a name bear returns for the families of PATRIARCHS who inherit the name and what they stood for and their exploits as well as benevolences whilst living… and why from a ‘HOUSE OF the name” is worth its value in gold and courtesies across generations and time…  

My issue then is if I pray for someone…I have only prayed first for ‘myself’ plus a corresponding interest however if you had prayed for ‘yourself’ ONLY the derivable benefits or interest wouldn’t be as though you prayed for another person.

If you pray for your enemies, you have multiplier effects or returns…because his own hatred and its depth and how much he wishes your death…. compounds the returns that will come to you as returns on your investment of the prayers…more than if you had prayed for a loved one.

Life is complex but understandable if and only if you are ready to sit at the feet of the ‘masters’, those who have served others without thinking or expecting rewards like the relationship between Prophet Elijah and Elisha or with bloated egos as if they know better than the masters they serve at their feet to listen, ask questions and emulate and not to argue as if you are also a ‘master’.

You remember Jesus Christ’s time at the synagogue with the teachers….one does not stay opinionated to learn at the ‘FEET OF THE MASTERS’ definitely, not with our profanely self-opinionated attitudes and thoughts of one’s self.

FORGIVENESS is the greatest investment with the highest returns….an unforgiving spirit is a deep hole of wastage like cankerworms and caterpillars and termites consuming anything and everything left in their wake. It leaves a deep black, insatiable hole in a person’s life and legacy…and withering ever balances on the accounts of the person even balances which have transcended centuries and take away from all the people or names of the bloodline.

Balances of generational accounts and investments are either curses or blessings and in short, define the CHOICES OF LIFE & DEATH of those living off the bloodline.

I have tried to explain for better appreciation this phenomenon called LIFE that most of us take for granted to the extent of sometimes boasting that “as for me, I will never forgive him? who does he or she think, he or she is? ….this person, under condemnation, doesn’t really need your Forgiveness….’tweaa’….You rather need to let go…so you can balance your spiritual accounts and your place in destiny.

Believe, you can remember what our Lord Jesus Christ said on the cross. He asked forgiveness for those who had wronged Him. Where were the people…they didn’t even possibly know they had done any wrong….what about Stephen? ….Do you remember his story? …whilst he was being stoned, he was asking for forgiveness for those stoning him…Guess why….?


If you drive carelessly to endanger other people’s kids, just stop for a moment and wonder where your own kids are….and which drunken driver is around your children?

This thing called ‘LIFE’ is ‘REALLY IS ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON’….not you….as you are also the OTHER PERSON to him or her.

If you pray for others, you have only prayed for yourself. If you care for the other person, you have only cared for yourself; if you care for other people’s children, you have only cared for your own children…it means you don’t do anybody a favour by caring for the other person. It literally means you cannot steal from yourself as that is what happens to corrupt people and officials who think they are stealing other people’s money when they steal from the State…pause for a moment and ask yourself if that’s really what you have done…depriving others the services that could have been provided by the same money in services for the rest of the population including your relatives.

….in any case, if you pause to look into the future after your demise, what happens to all the money you stole from the state or acquired through corruption against the several wraths of the Lord that those you leave behind here on earth, you will seriously have second thoughts on corruption, especially for those, who cannot bank the stolen loots for obvious reasons, where you stupidly bury such loots and then you die before you could utilize same: then you know how stupid you had been? Or worse, have a peek into the future after your death to see how those you left the loot to, expecting something better but they had become drunkards and misfits, then you know how stupid and foolish you were; and worse, those you leave behind in your bloodline, have been infected with all forms of plagues as the punishment for your sins, twice over, then you would have appreciated the essence of this piece.

…this is the ADVICE I WILL GIVE ALL POLITICIANS, who are tempted when given the opportunity to serve this nation, Ghana in any capacity in PUBLIC or CIVIL SERVICE, remember that everything about God is an investment: if you want to steal from the public purse through any form of deals, know this day that there are than physical consequences; indeed they are more spiritual than what you have been told by any fetish or occult shrine…and that the structure of the whole relationship around God is more than just dying and going to heaven.

My prayer for you and your family is to appreciate the bigger picture always…ask for fortitude and strengthening of your faith to live right and act right always in order to balance your spiritual accounts always, and not the ones with banks and financial institutions; and worse, worry about the life hereinafter because spiritual matrices hold this nation, Ghana and or why all political parties and individuals seek the face of the Lord God Almighty or soothsayers for foreknowledge of the future; and also why others will seek their futures through occultism and fetishes as they all speak, rightly or wrongly unto death and most importantly, don’t forget that even ‘Men / Prophets of God’ also consult depending on where.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.