Cocoa Processing Company has intimated that the maiden edition of the Chocolate Week Celebration was 85% successful.

The company therefore expressed delight as it revealed that demand for chocolate and other cocoa products spiked during the week.

Speaking to Joy Business, Sales and Marketing Manager, Nana Agyemang Ansong, said his outfit was optimistic demand was going to be relatively high since February is considered the month of love.

“You could see the golden tree chocolate everywhere. That’s an indication that we did all we could to meet all the demand even across Kumasi, Takoradi and parts of the north. And because we also promoted the consumption of cocoa for the health benefits, we also noticed some trend.”

“We found that people were also buying the natural royal cocoa powder because we promoted it that we should spread the love for health. We realized that the sale of royal natural cocoa powder was increasing which was very phenomenal,” he said.

He further stated that the level of demand is still high, few days after the celebration and they would want to maintain the level of demand.

“Normally, that is the trend. You will find that after the holiday, a lot of people may not have celebrated it on the day; some would celebrate it later on, maybe a week after.”

And so, you’ll find that still purchases would be on the rise and people will find ways of celebrating because the mood is still related and then people would want to stay in that state of mind for a while; after all the month of February is considered the month of love,” he emphasized.