All is set for the maiden edition of the Youth Economic Forum, which will be held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra on 19th October.

The hybrid event will feature top-notch panelists, made up of young Ghanaian innovators and entrepreneurs alongside decision-makers, discussing pertinent issues on the economy, employment, and entrepreneurship.

The Forum was initiated to enable young Ghanaians connect and contribute to national policy dialogues as well as showcase the innovativeness and entrepreneurial potentials of young Ghanaian women and men.

The Youth Economic Forum is an initiative of the Mastercard Foundation and the Business and Financial Times. It will be held on the second day of the Ghana Economic Forum under the theme ‘Driving job creation through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.’

Discussions will focus on agribusiness as a key enabler to creating work opportunities for young people, new and contemporary approaches to financing start-ups and entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation as catalysts for job creation.

This year, the Ghana Economic Forum is being held under the theme: Strengthening homegrown policies to underpin the national digitization drive and shared financial prosperity; from October 18th to October 20th at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel, Accra.

The Forum will be streamed live on the Business and Financial Times Facebook page (, and virtual participation is open to all young people.

Initiated in 2012, the Ghana Economic Forum has grown to become the biggest gathering for national discourse on the economy, business, technology, and appropriate policy interventions. The integration of YEF into this innovative event will no doubt further enhance its impact.

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