Following the successful launch of its Tier III Data Center at Appolonia City, Accra-Ghana, MDXi, a MainOne company and West Africa’s leading provider of data centre, colocation and cloud services, has expanded its digital footprint yet again with the launch of Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure platform, MDXi’s Azure Stack at its Appolonia Data Center.

For the first time in Ghana, customers can now enjoy a single-vendor platform across Cloud and on-premises data centres that enable seamless application deployment in-country while meeting their various business requirements.

The newly launched MDXi Azure Stack delivers the same Cloud experience available on the Public Azure platform from the Appolonia Data Center; thus, providing enterprises with the much-desired flexibility of Cloud infrastructure while keeping their data in-country to ensure data sovereignty compliance.

Highlighting key benefits of the Cloud service, Country Manager of MainOne Ghana, Emmanuel Kwarteng, indicated that the Cloud service hosted in Ghana will deliver reliability to increase business efficiency of enterprises across all sectors of the economy.

He further stated that “the new MDXi Azure Stack platform will offer businesses the choice of a scalable, flexible computing platform to enable the migration of critical applications from legacy technology to modernized technology without having to store their data offshore”.

Microsoft manages the MDXi Azure Stack software with the same technology as deployed for its public Azure Cloud service.  

The hardware platform is managed by HPE, which ensures 24/7 maintenance and guarantees no single point of failure. The technology has been deployed at MDXi in Nigeria for two years, where it has provided for some of the largest enterprises and multinationals operating in that market.

Recognizing the growing demand for Cloud computing, MDXi continues to expand its offerings as a B-to-B focused West African Provider with end-to-end offerings across connectivity, data centre, and cloud services.

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