Government hot meals for 730,000 junior high schools (JHS) teachers and students may leave us with over 29,200,000 of Styrofoam and plastic waste bags in the environment in 20 days time.

It is important that for a country that has a ministry dedicated to waste management and an environment ministry be consulted about waste implication for this project.

Styrofoams and these plastic bags are not recyclable and with the irresponsible way in which Ghanaians handle plastic waste you can be sure these millions of waste will end up in the environment.

These meals can be and should be provided in reusable food bowls unless the government can tell me they have a plan to retrieve all the 29 million Styrofoam and plastic waste bags that will be generated by the program and further show us what they will be used for.

The Ministry of Sanitation, Ministry of Environment, Municipal Assemblies, the Caterers and the managers of the project should rethink their approach. This is not sustainable environmentally.

Sustainability requires that every project is assessed on a broader bases with it’s impact on the environment and more


Makafui Awuku is a Sustainability Professional and Environmentalist.