A political scientist with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Dr Amakye Boateng is asking the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to make internal rules and regulations transparent and enforce them in order to stamp out the growing trend of their party members going independent.

Speaking with Erastus Asare Donkor on Luv FM, political science lecturer, Dr Amakye Boateng believes the solution lies in the strict enforcement of the party’s rules and regulations.

“Politics in a democracy revolves around rules and regulations. The NPP should make their rules and regulations clear and transparent. Especially in the area of people desiring to become members of Parliament”.

Some members of the party who lost the parliamentary primaries have decided to contest the party’s candidates in this year’s elections by going independent.

This development has become a challenge for the Party as it tries to forge a unified front in this year’s elections and Dr Boateng believes the trend needs to be stopped as it undermines the efforts of the parliamentary candidates.

“It should be possible to stop this phenomenon of people coming to undermine the Members of Parliament. These things should be stopped. Rules and regulations should be well worked out with the ranks and facts. When the rules are known and understood by all, and they see it being implemented fairly, these issues will stop,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Independent Candidate, vying for the Nhyiaeso seat, Ebo Gyebi is asking the electorate to consider personalities instead of party affiliations so as to promote development at the constituency level.

He bemoaned what he called over-concentration on partisanship instead of nation building.

He told Luv News that he is leading a charge to change the narrative to foster a sense of nationalism.

“We are made up of so many nation-states. If we don’t put in a form of structure, we may end up trying to diffuse the main purpose of building a nation. Any tribe or nation-state, for example, Ashanti, Fantis, Anlos can decide to break away and form parties.

“That is not the best. It comes with a lot of restrictions. This is more of ‘Abusua akonnwa’. Now people just tow lines in political parties. Meaning when it is the turn of a particular candidate, then he is elected.

“That is not how a nation is built. You leave capable citizens who have something better to offer. Most of us do not want to involve ourselves in party establishments where it becomes dirty most of the time,” he pointed out.