Mamprusis in Bawku are accusing government of always taking sides with their Kusasi counterparts.

The Mamprusi’s in Bawku defied a national security ban on Saturday and went ahead to celebrate the Damba festival.

A directive was issued on Thursday to suspend Saturday’s festival due to the fragile nature of security in the town.

There were concerns by National Security that celebrating Damba could erupt into violent clashes between Kusasis and Mamprusi.

But the Mamprusis, who claim the ban was politically motivated, went ahead with the celebration.

The leader of the Mamprusi group, Alhaji Seidu Kalifa, told Joy News there were indications government took sides in the matter.

“Why should government stop us from celebrating our custom when he has allowed the Kusasis to perform theirs?” he asked.

However, the Kusasi’s insist, by going ahead with the festival, their Mamprusi brothers undermined the authority of Bawku Naaba.

Youth Organiser of the Kusasis, Majid Alhassan, said reports of gunshots were not surprising because the Mamprusis had served notice they would defy the security directive not to celebrate the festival.

Apart from reports of sporadic gunshots during the celebration, the festival was celebrated smoothly without any major security breaches.

Credit: Yaa Asamoah/Joy FM/Ghana