Ebenezer Akwasi, aka Kaloman, a 22-year-old cleaner at a public commercial toilet facility at Obuasi, who allegedly defiled an eight-year-old girl in the town, is currently in prison custody pending further investigations into the allegation.

The accused reportedly dragged his victim (name withheld) to one of the unoccupied toilet cubicles and had anal sex with her.

The incident happened after the girl had finished attending to nature’s call at the Santiago public toilet at the Antoboase area of Obuasi, where the accused works as a cleaner, while the place was silent.

Kaloman was remanded into prison custody by a circuit court in Obuasi, after pleading not guilty to the charge of unlawful canal knowledge, contrary to section 104 (1)(a) of Act 29/60 as amended by Act 554 of 1998, and would re-appear on March 23, 2011 to continue his trial.

Prosecuting, Police Inspector Albert Anani told the court presided over by Gilbert Ayisi Addo that the complainant, Victoria Ali Adoua, was a “chop bar” attendant who resided at Antoboase, a suburb of Obuasi, with her 8-year-old daughter and the accused person in the same vicinity.

According to prosecution, during the month of February 2011, the victim fell sick and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Following the diagnosis, the complainant questioned her daughter about what might have happened to her.

The victim then revealed to her mother that the accused defiled her last month when she visited the lavatory.

The court was informed that the accused warned the victim strongly that she would die if she told anyone about her ordeal.

On March 11, 2011, the complainant reported the incident to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of Obuasi.

The accused was then arrested and charged with the offence and arraigned.

Source: Daily Guide


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