The Ghana Immigration Service has witnessed some massive transfers among its senior directors.

A statement signed by the acting Director of Immigration, DCOP Peter Wiredu saw all regional directors moving to different regions, with some senior directors at the headquarters assigned to different areas.

The transfers take immediate effect.

The Ashanti Regional Immigration boss Assistance Director of Immigration ADI Emmanuel Yirenkyi for example is swapping positions with Ebenezer Mensah Acquaah who headed the Volta Regional command.

Assistant Director in Charge of Operations at the Headquarters will from today be the commander for Upper West region.

ADI Emmanuel Boakye who was in Tema is now the Immigration Commander for the Western Region.

Felix Sarpong who was stationed at Elubo, has been moved to Kotoka International Airport while, ADI Baaba Asare who was at the Headquarters, is now the Greater Accra Regional Commander. He is succeeding Abraham Holm who has been sent to the headquarters to be in charge of welfare.

The head of Training at the headquarters, ADI Eric Afari moves to Tamale as the regional commander.

Dr. Prosper Asiama who was responsible for permits will now be the head of the Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the Headquarters.

In the Central Region, Controller of Immigration, Raymond Abrokwa is replacing Joyce Addo who has been transferred to Elubo.

Controller of Immigration, Bonaventure Agortimevor is now in charge of Enforcement.

Charles Jiggah who manned the Kotoka International Airport is back at the headquarters to be in charge of Commonwealth.

Akwasi Apau who was also at the airport is replacing Faisal Disu at PAGA.

Mr. Disu and the Wa commander Assistant Controller Kofi Owusu have been recalled to the Headquarters.

Source: Joy News/Ghana


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