An American would say “it was off the chain”. A Nigerian would say “Oga na waa oh” and a Ghanaian would say “Charley e no be small” but whatever dialect you comprehend, last Friday’s inaugural Mirror Ball @ La Palm was by all standards a premium experience.

More than five hundred of Accra’s avant-garde, the mature and trendy, thronged the Homowo Conference Center to set the ball spinning at its new home. Waves of beautiful ladies and the finest gents dressed in the prescribed code flaunted the finest cuts of white linens and fabrics to usher in a new season of the iconic premium event.

The rhythm master DJ Blow kept the dance floor absolutely packed for more than six hours in what was a marathon of classics. He delivered both the common favourites as well as the rare gems that inspired “oohs” and “aahs” from the well engaged guests. It was by any fair measure one night to remember for connoisseurs of music from the old school.

The Mirror Ball @ La Palm was officially inaugurated by the CEO of the Golden Beach Hotel Group, Mr. Ernest Thompson and ably supported by the General Manager, Mrs. Quainoo who joined organisers Edwin Baffour and William Nanka Bruce aka DJ Blow to cut the extra-large anniversary cake.

“From an organiser’s stand point we are extremely delighted with the event because we were concerned about maintaining our high standards and delivering the same experience.” “I think the massive support we saw at this anniversary party is an endorsement that the Mirror Ball is a superior experience and has found favour with a discerning fan base”.

In his statement which preceded the popping of the champagne, Mr. Thompson remarked, “I am happy that the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel plays host to such a unique and fun experience and we look forward to providing a rare treat each month for all guests who walk through our doors”.

The new venue of the Mirror ball has high ceilings and this allowed for the hoisting of an extra-large mirror ball, the absolute finishing touch to the world class ambience, mesmerizing guests in a nostalgic trance with its revolving circles. From the comfy sofas one could see the lush gardens through the large windows and the lighting system manipulated simple colour, bringing the lounge to life.

The next event on November 30th is themed “Afro Chique” by popular request and it will prove to be a hit with Mirror Ballers earlier this year.


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