The McDan Foundation Tennis Training Matches got underway on Monday at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The games being organised in a knockout format featured 16 professional men’s singles matches.

The standout fixture between Francis Gbolornyo and Ghana’s top seed, Jepheth Bagerbaseh saw Jepheth edge out Francis in two straight sets with a score of 6-2,6-2.

In an interview with Joy Sports after his game, Jepheth explained that it was difficult for him to maintain his form during the lockdown period.

His opponent Gbolony commended the quality of Jepheth and indicated that it will be wrong for him to blame his defeat on poor form due to a long break because Bagerbaseh put in a very good performance.

Below are the rest of the results;

* Daniel Anum Quartey v Samuel Nyamekye

  6-1, 6-4

* Desmond Ayaba v Abubakar Yakubu

  6-3, 6-3

* Jepheth Bagerbaseh v Francis Gbolonyo

  6-2, 6-2

* Richard Okine v Joshua Nunoo

  6-0, 6-1

* Bernard Ashitey Armaah v Raphael Dowouna

  6-4, 6-4

* Michael Asokwa v Bright Nortey

  4-6, 6-1, 6-3

* Reginald Okantey v Ishmael Nii Noi Dowouna

  6-4, 3-6, 6-2

* Pascal Ziyab v Emmanuel Wettey

  6-2, 6-1

* Samuel Antwi v Benjamin Ababio

  6-1, 6-4

* Richmond Armaah v Henry Asokwa

  7-5 (R)

* Patrick Tenkorang v Giovanni Adinyira

  6-1, 6-3

* Emmanuel Antwi v Kenneth Adjokatse

  7-5, 6-1

* Clement Alisi v Aaron Asante

  4-6, 6-3, 6-4

* Benjamin Fumi v Louis Nyaaba

  6-0, 6-2

* Felix Hammond v Andrews Adu-Appiah

  6-1, 6-4

* Johnson Acquah v Agassi Tomegah

  6-0, 6-4

The McDan Foundation Tennis Traning Matches is in to replace the McDan and ITF tennis tournament which had to be called off due to complications surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The games will run for 2 weeks with the round of games in the Junior sets of the second week serving as qualification fixtures for the national teams.

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