Eno Barony and Medikal

Medikal has told Eno Barony that he will not “waste [his] time” to engage in a feud with a female rapper.

This comes after she supposedly dissed him in her song for writing Sister Afia’s rap in ‘WMT’ – the song which began the feud between Eno Barony, Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz

According to Medikal, he is surprised Eno Barony dissed him in a feud he has no hands in.

He stated that, as someone who has worked with the self-acclaimed Rap Goddess before, he expected her to come to him instead of making unfounded accusations in her song.

“Don’t ever think I will waste time recording a diss track to a female rapper, expecially when the person looks like corpse. Issa dead tin,” Medikal wrote on his Twitter handle.

The ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker wrote that he did not expect her to disrespect him adding that “this is why people don’t do good sometimes I guess.”

Medikal accused Eno of using his name to chase clout so she could make a hit and subsequently make some money.

“So this is what’s gonna happen, you will probably do a couple of diss songs and direct them to me, and as we all know, Ghanaians will hail you and mock me to make you believe you are the bomb, while they still Jam to my music in their homes and parties,” he added.