The Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs (MOWAC) has warned husbands against inflicting economic violence on their wives.

The ministry says husbands are liable for prosecution if they deny their wives the chop money they need.

Under the Domestic Violence Act, spouses are liable for prosecution if they deprive others their household of their basic necessities of life.

Acting Executive Secretary of the Domestic Violence Secretariat of MOWAC, Christiana Ankamah, says the act constitutes human rights abuse and the perpetrator could be punished by the courts.

The Ministry is currently embarking on a six-region educational tour to ensure that issues regarding sexual and gender-based violence are reported to the appropriate authorities.

Christiana Ankamah explained to Joy News what exactly is economic violence for which a husband or wife can be jailed if they are found liable.

“When we talk about economic violence, we mean violence in the form of the spouse preventing the other spouse from enjoying whatever financial rights are in the home. For instance a man will tell a woman don’t work come and stay at home and care for the family. Now because he is on salary he uses his money to purchase other things, the woman sits at home and does the household chores.

“If you deprive your wife, if you refuse to give your wife housekeeping money knowing very well that the woman doesn’t have the means then you are liable,” she said.

Some Ghanaian men joy news spoke to largely agreed with the position being expressed by Ankamah.


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