Consultant, Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist, Dr Promise Sefogah, says nearly half of the infertility problems come from men.

He, therefore, admonished that men should visit hospitals frequently.

He explained that most times women are charged with being the cause of childlessness in marriages, however, the case is quite contrary when men come for checks.

“Out of every 10 couples with fertility challenges, nearly half of the problem is from the man and the other half from the woman. Strictly 30% of 100% is due to causes attributable to the woman and another 30% is from the man, then 30% is from both of them [and] 10% we say is unexplained,” he disclosed on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Friday.

He was speaking on the back of Joy News’ hotline documentary, ‘Just One”, which highlights the stigma attached to barren women across the country.

The documentary also highlights the increasing rate of infertility amongst both men and women as a result of our modern lifestyles.

Nonetheless, the fertility specialist recommended that women give birth by or after age 35 to avoid complications that come with ageing and reproduction.

He explained that the quality and production of eggs that facilitate conception begin to decline at that stage.

“We assess them, give some injections so that we have so many eggs at the same time, then we harvest the eggs and store them. If after 5 years you are ready when we froze your eggs at age 32, then we will have the eggs that are 32 years old for you,” Dr Promise Sefogah recommended.

According to him, the priorities of most women in recent times cause them to postpone childbirth until they have acquired certain life goals.

“Just One” which is produced by Joy News’multiple award-winning journalist, Seth Kwame Boateng, was premiered on November 18, 2019.