Like all forward thinking companies, Merchant Bank Ghana Limited believes in committing to the developmental issues of communities it operates, this underpins our collaboration with West African Examinations Council. 

Merchant Bank offered a full scholarship to the overall best student during the ‘Distinction Award Ceremony’ organized by WAEC to reward best performed students in the 2013 WASSCE exams. The top three students also received brand new laptops from the bank.

The Bank's MD Ms. Nilla Selormey, who made the presentation to the three lucky students emphasized that collaborations of this nature is what our continent needs. Businesses need to reach out with their resources to tackle common challenges of our communities.

She praised WAEC for its passionate focus regarding its core mandate of development of scholastic aptitude. Adding that, economic achievement and educational achievement are intertwined and for that reason, education is at the heart of Merchant Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility. Emphasizing that Merchant Bank is fully aware of that symbiotic connection.

She recounted the active pioneering role the bank had played in the development of the banking industry, real estate, stock exchange and leasing in Ghana; stressing that the Bank has always been fully aware of its responsibilities to the national agenda of development.

She mentioned that Merchant Bank’s CSR initiatives with the ‘Write Away essay’ Contest for Basic School students on CitiFM and the ‘Read 100 Project’ on Joy FM underscore the fact that the Bank’s focus is conditioned by our quest for excellent home-grown solutions that have long-term effect on the developmental agenda of our beloved country.

The overall best student scholarship covers full tuition, accommodation and books for the duration of the first degree course in Ghana.

She ended by wishing all the winners well in their academic journey and reiterated the fact that, that students should continue to pursue excellence not for their own gain but because society needs it and looks up to them.


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