So one Sunday, after church, I came out to find that another car had parked in front of mine, making it impossible for me to leave. The church was over, so I couldn’t cause an announcement to be made. I just had to wait patiently. So while I stood there twiddling my thumbs, I cast my eye over the car that was sitting between me and my lunch.

It was beautiful. A sleek, black Jaguar XJL. A gleaming 5-litre supercharged sedan with a fantastically powerful V8 engine that will give you the power of 470 horses at the tip of your toes, and fly you from standstill to 100 kilometres per hour in less than 5 seconds. Basically a great big demon chariot that was just… sitting there, going nowhere, and keeping me going nowhere too.

As usual, my simple, unremarkable situation got me all philosophical, and I suddenly had a flash of clarity about one of the biggest reasons why so many of us are falling short of achieving our potential in life.

So there I was. Stuck behind an object that weighed almost four tonnes. An immovable obstacle. But it also occurred to me that all the owner had to do was turn the key and step on the gas, and this heavy slab of metal would become the fastest thing on the road.

Friends, so many of us are treating our potential like a slab of metal when it is indeed, a supercharged car. God has made you in His own image. He has given you the strength to create something from nothing, to move minds and mountains. He has given you talent, skill and ability in a unique combination that has never been and will never be seen here on Earth. He has given you the positive examples of those with fewer advantages than you who have still made it to where you want to be, just so you will not be discouraged. He has given you all this ability, all this potential, all this horsepower, and you’re just… sitting there?

Not today, my friends. Today, you are not a slab of metal. You are an intelligently designed, powerfully endowed, strategically positioned object of beauty, function and power. So don’t just sit there. Start your engine, key in your destination, and step on it. Not only will you enjoy success at the end, but you will never forget the journey either.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and I just fired my ignition. Fancy a ride?