Microsoft is bringing its Internet storage service, SkyDrive, to iTunes, as well as to the Windows Phone marketplace.

The free app, launched today, lets users tap into their Web repository to retrieve documents, notes, photos, and videos. SkyDrive is one of a growing list of apps from Microsoft to make their way into the iTunes Store, including Bing, Messenger, and OneNote, which was launched as an iPad app Wednesday.

“We believe you should have access to your personal content no matter which device you use,” wrote Mike Torres, group program manager of Microsoft’s SkyDrive Devices and Roaming group in a blog post.

The iPhone app, which connects to 25GB of free storage, lets users access their documents, pictures, and movies, create folders, delete files, as well as share links to the items they have stored. And the app is available in 32 languages worldwide.

The Windows Phone version is more deeply integrated into the device than its iPhone sibling. Windows Phone users can share photos stored on SkyDrive, for example, by e-mail, text, or instant message. Photos can be automatically uploaded to SkyDrive in the same way that pictures snapped with an iPhone can automatically connect with Apple’s SkyDrive competitor, iCloud.