Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has given a strong indication of possibly introducing new taxes during the mid-year budget review.

The Finance Ministry over the past months indicated the need to review these tax measures to make more responsive to current trends.
The Ministry also argue that the review should help address challenges with revenue mobilization.

Speaking to Journalists after a meeting in Accra, Mr Ofori-Atta said all options are still on the table in terms of reviewing the current revenue measures.

Responding to whether or not the government would be introducing new taxes, he said, "I would like to do that because it's likely many don't file their tax returns which are not the best…a bunch of us don't pay our taxes."

“It's a very holistic thing but not me against you but me coming back to say let's create economic freedom for us to get the economy stable and realign to say how do we go forward" he ended.

Some of the country’s donor partners and the IMF are currently mounting pressure on the government to come up with a more sustainable way of dealing with the revenue shortfalls by increasing taxes.