Encroachers of military lands across the country will forcibly be removed, the military spokesperson Col Atintande has warned.

According to him, the military is embarking on a nationwide policy to eject all who have encroached on military territory.

Already five uncompleted buildings in Kataraga in the Northern Region which are sited close to the Kamena Barracks have been pulled down and many more are expected to be pulled down in the coming days.

15 soldiers, some of who were armed with guns, warned they will return to pull down the houses if the developers continue to build the on the land.

Some of the residents who witnessed the incident told Joy News’ Mahama Shaibu the military came without notice.

According to Yakubu Sulemana they legitimately acquired the land from the chief of Kataraga and would not vacate the land.

He said they will be waiting for the military who have sworn to return.

In a reaction the Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces, Col. Atintande told Joy News they have sent out a strong warning to all occupants of military land to vacate or be forced out.

He stated that the houses destroyed in the Northern Region were just 100 meters outside the Kamena barracks, insisting they were located within the perimeters of the barracks.

He warned the military will burn down all the buildings located on the military land and close to the Barracks.

He challenged the residents who claim to be rightful owners of the land to proceed to the police station and file a complaint.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana