Organizers of the Fabolous Live in Ghana concert, 233 Connect, Sunday announced that a total number of eleven artistes have so far signed onto the show.

However, 233 Connect has hinted that many more artistes including a chart-topping UK artiste would sign onto the April 23 show, this week.

The eleven include four more of Ghana’s finest musicians Sarkodie, Jay Town, Scientific, Bra Kevin Beats and Redcafe, a top selling US artiste.

All eleven would be performing alongside Brooklyn’s finest Fabolous, Nigeria and Africa’s most sought-after Ice Prince and Wizkid as well as VIP, 4×4 and Ruff & Smooth, at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Center on Easter Saturday.

With combined tracks such as My Time, Baby, Oleku, I like you Girl, Away, Sex Machine, Guns and Roses and Three Headed Beasts among others up their repertoire; Accra is in for a grand concert of a lifetime.

With a great display of stage craft and lyrical mastery of the art of music, all eleven artistes would sell to the hip hop community, a show that can best be described as exciting.

While Sarkodie and Scientific still enjoys an appreciable level of patronage, both Jay Town and Bra Kevin, from the Skillionz Records, are the best you can have for a hip hop concert.

In a related development, the main headline act for the April 23rd concert Fabolous, has confirmed he is coming to Ghana against rumours that he won’t make it.

In a confirmation over the weekend, Fabolous sent a twitter message to the organizers of the concert saying he is all fired up to jet into Accra.



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