Businessmen who consistently use domestic flights for their transactions may have to consider alternative means of transport this month and perhaps even the next.

This is because many flights are likely to be cancelled or rescheduled in the event of a downpour.

Flights in and out of the Takoradi airport were last week cancelled due to poor visibility.

Chief Executive of Starbow Airlines, Eric Antwi tells Joy Business’ Chantelle Asante airline operators may have to take on extra cost to ensure safety for their patrons.

“It’s a bit of a loss to the company and a bit of an inconvenience to passengers as well. When the passengers have to wait; you need to give them so refreshment and so on.

“Sometimes, some have to leave very late. When it rains heavily, Accra Airport closes down so we can’t even take off. For the month of June/July, our passengers have to bear with us. It’s not our fault; we have to put their safety first”, he continued.

Already, last Wednesday's floods have destroyed properties running into millions of cedis and caused the death of over a hundred people in Accra.