The Member of Parliament for Afram Plains, Mr. Emmanuel Aboagye Didieye has alleged that about 80% of his colleague MP’s are “extreme womanizers”.

Mr. Didieye said with the exclusion of female MP’s, most of the male MP’s are womanizers who chase “small girls and even married women in the streets”.

The NDC MP who claims to have quit chasing women, stated on Adom FM that some of the MPs are still practicing this immoral act.

Speaking to Adakabre Frimpong Manso on “Dwaso Nsem” on Friday, Mr. Didieye failed to name some of those MP’s “for security reasons” but continued that, the practice although immoral, “is a natural phenomenon for men to chase women”.

He also accused male journalists of leading the same immoral lifestyle as the MPs, saying “they use their profession to chase women”.

“Because they (journalists) are popular and famous, they use their offices as an advantage in chasing girls. Most male journalists have more than four girlfriends at a time… This attitude is an ordinary instinct in men which does not change even if tomorrow you become a Member of Parliament… Even pastors talk about how to resist the temptation of chasing women,” he claimed.

He confessed that when he first went to Parliament some two years ago, he was involved in the practice of chasing girls and womanising until he realized the lifestyle will lead him nowhere.

Meanwhile, some Members Of Parliament who reacted to Mr. Didieye’s allegation threatened to drag their colleague MP to Parliament’s Privileges Committee to answer questions as to why he could go on air to make such wild allegations against his colleagues.

They said Mr. Emmanuel Didieye’s comments smack of immaturity and is therefore unfit to be a member of parliament.

Story by Samuel Mantey/Adom News/Ghana


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