Pro-solutions, pro-business, MTN is gathering every SME business owner in Ghana to show them why it doesn’t have to take so long to grow and so long to breakthrough.

Growth doesn’t have to be additions. It can be multiplications – thanks to digitisation.

And as part of Ghana’s most decorated telco’s 25th anniversary celebrations, MTN is inviting all SME businesses to join in to discuss: Accelerating SME Growth & Development – The Role of Digitization.

The Business Executive Breakfast Series about digitisation is in itself digitized because it will be held via Facebook and LinkedIn.

This Thursday, three recognizable business winners in a thought-provoking, information-sharing, skills-learning session will help SMEs with winning ideas.

Daniel McKorley dropped out of university over financial struggles but went on to set up McDan Shipping company in 1999 which now has a presence in more than 2,000 air and seaports worldwide.

With more than 21 years in the business, the former messenger, the former labourer and now CEO/Chairman of McDan Group of Companies will help businesses appreciate that it may not have to take you that long if your business can leverage the opportunities offered by digital tools.

And then there is a younger through-and-through digital expert, Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin who is head of digital marketing at Letshego Ghana Savings and Loans Plc, a company that increased revenue by 70% in 2019 alone – that’s accelerated growth.

Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin, a powerhouse in digital marketing and market communications led Vodafone Ghana’s Brand Engagement and Sponsorship team.

From one telco, she joined Standard Charted Bank in 2016, rising from country manager for Brand, Marketing to head of Digital Banking and Financial Inclusion and Corporate Partnerships.

When she comes to the MTN Business Breakfast Series, she will be bringing game-changing digital and financing ideas to your business.

To complete the triangle of tried and tested business leaders is Eric Osiakwan, author of ‘The Kings of Africa’s Digital Economy’ and when he is not writing, he is setting up businesses and investing in a new scheme.

That is how the Managing Partner of Chanzo Capital has developed 15 years’ experience in the ICT sector and business experience across 32 countries.

These three panellists have been brought together by the company that makes things happen in Ghana, MTN, a company whose vision has been to lead the delivery of a bold, new Digital World to customers.

It is a vision its employees work to move from mere words to actual customer experience on a daily basis. And right now, in Ghana, when MTN is doing something, everyone pays attention because it means the company is going somewhere – somewhere new, somewhere first, somewhere best.

And that is why for a period of 25 years, Ghana’s one number telco has 25 ‘number one’ feats and 25 ‘first-time ever’ achievements in Ghana.

And here they are;

1996: First to introduce GSM technology

1997: First to introduce itemized billing

1998: Spacefon launched the first prepaid service, SNAP

2004 : first to launch EDGE in Ghana, first to launch GPRS in Ghana

2005 : first to launch electronic recharge

2006: first to launch fixed-mobile (FWAP) and first to operate in all 10 regions and district capital.

2007: first to launch a foundation.

2008: first to launch blackberry service, first to launch dynamic tariffing MTN Zone

2009: first in African to launch blade cluster technology and mobile money; to introduce 3G commercial service; first to introduce mobile money

2010: first indigenous company to sponsor the world cup; first to build an ultra-modern switch and data center.

2011: first to reach 10 million subscribers.

2013: leading taxpayer, best taxpayer in 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 and platinum award in 2019

2015: first to reach 15 million subscribers

2016: first operator to provide 4G and the only one to provide it in all regions

2019: first to provide 4G plus

2020: first telco to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange; MTN adjudged Ghana’s number one company for two years running’ company; has the largest shareholders in Ghana, and is the first company in the world to use mobile money to buy shares.