A partnership campaign to engage Ghanaian millennials to effectively contribute towards a peaceful poll in November has been launched in Accra.

A statement copied Myjoyonline said the organisations, Muse Africa, a media brand which targets African millennials through urban music and Oxfam in Ghana, an international civil society organisation announced PARTICIPATE, a platform to engage the millennials on June 27, 2016.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Muse Media Networks, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, was excited about the partnership.

He explained “PARTICIPATE affords us the opportunity to encourage youth involvement in the election process.

He underscored this is a reflection of MUSE’s commitment to not only entertain millennials through urban music and lifestyle but to empower them to make the right decision for their life.

“One of our objectives for this campaign is to basically bring a whole lot of cool to the electoral discussion in the country,” he said.

Country Director of Oxfam Ghana, Sebastian Tiah, said the focus of his organisation is to harness the potential of the youth towards the development of Ghana.

This, he believes would be achieved through the partnership since the youth form the “critical agents for social change” in the world.



P A R T I C I P A T E is a non-partisan multi-layered social advocacy campaign that seeks to engage the attention of young people between ages 18-34 years drawing on the star power of music, television, radio & events to present the general elections as COOL as it can be and make a compelling case for young people to act, to choose or lose out on choosing the leaders they believe in.

The campaign was created to tackle the challenge of LACK OF INTEREST IN ELECTORAL AFFAIRS, GOVERNANCE & POLITICS by young people in Ghana.

PARTICIPATE is aimed at creating dedicated spaces for progressive engagement of the youth on issues of national importance that matter to them most and connect to the political process in ways that resonate with their worldview.

The campaign was created & will be executed by UN+TE the youth marketing & experiential division of MUSE AFRICA.