My boyfriend – who I love to bits – is addicted to the risk of sex in public places.

He constantly dares me and we have done it in the office with his door unlocked, in the mall's parking lot and our favourite place is in the movies.

I think I am becoming excited about the whole rush we experience even though I started out being the one to point out the risks. Do we need help perhaps?

First reply by relationship expert:

I understand the rush and thrill of excitement at the thought of being caught. I fear the danger and humiliation that comes with it as you could be arrested for public indecency if caught. However, I am mainly worried when you say your boyfriend is addicted to this behaviour because if he wants to engage in sex only in such a risky way, then there might be no real connection and intimacy in your relationship. The relationship might just be about fun and impulsiveness that you might misinterpret as spontaneity. If it is a once-in-a-while thing, it is understandable that you want to keep the relationship exciting. If this is how you engage sexually most of the time then it's a cause for concern.

Second reply by relationship expert:

As long as you are both happy with it, it doesn't look like you need help. Please ensure that you give your sister enough money to bail you out of jail should your fun lead you there. Be aware of paparazzi as well that may record your sexcapades and post them on social media. Other than that, enjoy away.