M. Y. Ventures, a leading primary health centre in Ghana, is investing in Nhyira Fm’s Keep fit and Family Fun Games to advance its healthy living campaign.

The firm is the title sponsor of the 2013 edition of the event, scheduled for Saturday, December 14 at the Ridge Park, Denyame in Kumasi.

“M.Y. Ventures delights in promoting good health and we know exercising the body is another way of staying healthy; that is why we have decided to be the title sponsors so as to help build the well-being of our publics,” said Dr. Caesar, Chief Executive of M.Y. Ventures.

Nhyira FM, the number one Akan radio station in Ashanti region, has hosted keep fit, fan and social clubs in the past six years to compete in various sporting activities to stay healthy, network and socialize.

Various clubs battle for laurels in 50 meter dash race, 5-aside football, volleyball, Table Tennis, Tug-of-War, Weight Lifting, High Jump, “Jama” contest among others.

Nhyira FM’s Programmes Manager, Benjamin Fiifi Ocran, says the event is continually evolving in innovation to be to be more attractive and exciting to patrons, stating that this year’s will not be an exception, especially with the brass band (soloku) contest.

In last year’s edition, M. Y. Ventures Keepfit Club dominated both track and field events, emerging overall winners as they placed first on the medals table.

“It’s not about sickness but the need to strengthen the cardiovascular and excrete toxics in the system…drugs alone cannot help us; but regular exercise and consumption of good food at the right time are critical to maintaining good health,” said Dr. Caesar.




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